Interview of International Master student Akshata from India

Hello, my name is Akshata and I come from India. My home city is Mumbai, best known for being one of the busiest and liveliest cities of India. I’m studying General Management (International Master) at PFH Göttingen.

1. Which schooling/graduation do you have?

After finishing my high school studies, I did a Bachelor in German Studies which was taught in the University of Mumbai. In the university, the Department of German had some highly skilled and supportive professors who helped me throughout my studies and continue to do so. It was challenging to do a Bachelor’s Business Administration parallel to German Studies, but it was definitely worth it.

2. Why do you chose Germany for your Master?

I chose Germany because it had been my dream to come here since I started studying German literature. I had some exchange professors from Göttingen University who taught me subjects like linguistics and cultural history. They inspired and influenced me to do my International Master in Göttingen, one of the best student cities. 🙂

3. What do you like here in Göttingen?

The most fascinating fact about this city is its young students population. Apart from that, it is vastly diverse. Every day in the Mensa I meet new people and usually most days on the street I meet an acquaintance. The chance of talking and networking make life here that much more enjoyable and rewarding.

4. What are your favourite courses at PFH?

I chose PFH because of the courses it offered, mainly the general management studies to have a wholesome view of business management and the opportunity to specialize in International Marketing. The professors here are really engaging. I’d like to specifically appreciate the efforts shown by Mr. Zammit (International Office), Prof. Dr. Ahrens and Prof. Schaper. The guidance provided by them is noteworthy and promising.

Interview by Yashvir Chawla

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