PFH international students – Interview to Giada from Italy

The exchange experience is an important stage in the higher education of many students all over the world. It is not only about leaving family and friends, meeting new people and living unforgettable experiences. It is also about dealing with difficult situations, getting away from one’s own certainties and proving oneself. This adventure promotes personal growth and a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and it may improve international relationships as well.

While PFH of course offers its students this wonderful opportunity to study abroad, the university regularly hosts international students coming from its various partners from all over the world. Artugela, herself an international, full-time degree-seeking student at PFH interviewed an international exchange student, Giada Ruggero from Italy, who attended summer semester 2017. You’ll find the interview below. Enjoy it!


1. Why did you choose the exchange experience?

Giada: I chose to do this experience because I wanted to prove myself in a foreign university and because it helps for better working chances.


2. How was your start in Göttingen?

Giada: I arrived one month before classes started but I was welcomed since the very first moment from the members of the International Office and from my study buddy who supported me during my entire stay.


3. Did you have difficulties with the language?

Giada: Actually not, considering that I could speak English. Furthermore, after this experience I improved my English knowledge and of course learned some German too. 😉


4. Were the teaching methods on a german University different?

Giada: Teaching is quite different because there are more exams to do, but in terms of studying it is less intense. Classes have a short duration and the exams are quite near after the ending of classes. On the whole I find this approach more practical than that of my University in Ferrara, Italy.


5. Would you recommend PFH to the future students?

Giada: I recommend PFH because as a private university the relation between professors and students is more personal and open. Professors are available and accommodating. The students work in small groups and there is the chance to participate actively in classes.


6. What are your plans after the exchange experience?

Giada: To continue my studies in Venice after my degree at University Ferrara.


7. A greeting in your language?

Giada: Grazie mille per il modo in cui mi avete accolto. Vi mando un grande abbraccio ! Ciao! 🙂

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