PFH international students – Interview to Sedef Hızal

Sedef Hızal is one of 17 graduates of this year’s English Track. She has successfully started her career as a project management consultant at IT consulting company CGI in Munich. In the interview she reports about her studies and her time at campus in Göttingen.

Interview Sedef Hızal

1. Why did you choose the Master’s programme General Management (English Track) at PFH?

I have chosen Master degree in General Management at PFH especially for two reasons. First one was the content of the program. All the lectures were like the preparation of the business life. I use all the knowledge which I have gained in the master program, when I am working right now. And I realized that I had the right decision with choosing General Management at PFH. Second reason was the duration of the program which is 1.5 year. I find it actually really adequate period. Because it enables to obtain intense theoretical knowledge in the first year and then you can do your internship while you are writing your thesis, which I did so. That helps you to enter work life without waiting so long. So, you can immediately transfer your theoretical knowledge into the practice.

How did you like your studies and what experiences did you gain from them?

I liked the program so much. In general I have satisfied because all my expectations were fulfilled. The lecturers have taken care of the students very closely and, in particular, international office helped me a lot. They were always there when I had a question or a problem. I think this is not so possible at public universities. But PFH was like a family. 🙂

In terms of experiences, I can say that my academic writing has skyrocketed. We had so much term papers, project works and presentations etc. These helped my English a lot.

How did you experience your job search and how did you find your way into CGI?

Last semester of my study, when I was writing my thesis, I have worked at the company Rohde & Schwarz in Key Account Management department in Munich. At that time I was applying on thousands of positions. It was not an easy time for me actually when I was trying to concentrate on my thesis as well as my internship. I found CGI with the help of one of my friends. I gave her my CV and after 3 interviews I was accepted as a consultant to the company. The position especially appealed me because the content of the job is closely related to my subject of master thesis. This helped me also to get this job. The topic of my thesis was “Implementation of Agile Methodology in the Key Account Management”. And now I am working as a project management consultant, which includes traditional project management framework (waterfall) and also agile method.

What does your everyday professional life look like and what tasks do you have?

As a consultant, I am working closely with the customer. I take place in the project as a PMO (project management office) and I am responsible for ensuring of running the project in the determined time, scope and budget. I am supporting project manager by bundling information, ensuring that all documents are delivered, creating structures for the processes. I am also tracking potential risks.  

Will you stay in touch with your former fellow students and the PFH?

I am still talking with some of my former fellow students and Stefan Zammit from International Office.

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