PFH international students – Interview to Sukjun from Korea

The exchange experience is an important stage in the higher education of many students all over the world. It is not only about leaving family and friends, meeting new people and living unforgettable experiences. It is also about dealing with difficult situations, getting away from one’s own certainties and proving oneself. This adventure promotes personal growth and a deeper understanding of foreign cultures and it may improve international relationships as well.

While PFH of course offers its students this wonderful opportunity to study abroad, the university regularly hosts international students coming from its various partners from all over the world. We interviewed the former international exchange student, Sukjun from Seoul, who attended winter semester 16/17. You’ll find the interview below. Enjoy it!


1. From which university are you coming from?

From Koreatech University of Technology and Education (Major: Industrial Management).


2. What was your motivation to study abroad?

I prepared my English so that I can communicate with people all over the world. This was a good ‘start’ of my ‘global life’.


3. Why did you choose PFH for your semester abroad?

Because PFH lets small-scaled group works in every single classes.


4. How did you find a place to live in Göttingen ?

Via website of Studentenwerk Göttingen.


5. What did you do when you had questions ? Was the International Office helpful in this case?

The International Office of PFH was amazingly helpful. They always helped me with everything unconditionally.


6. After your arrival, how did your program’s orientation session help you to adjust?

The orientation session helped me to be familiar with all the programs, facilities and the system of PFH because the explanation I could take was really easy to understand.


7. How well went registering for classes go?  Did you have an academic advisor who was accessible and helpful?

I had Linh Raiser who passionately helped me for choosing which class to take for my semester in PFH. She gave me brief explanations about every classes available on the semester and those were really helpful.


8. What did you like about your classes?

Impromptu debates during the class.


9. How did your courses match your expectations?

Greatly matched. I could imagine to study full time at PFH.


10. Beyond academics, what kinds of activities did your program provide to help you integrate into the community and the university? 

Fussballspiel! 🙂 Watching Bundesliga twice and playing football with Germans more than 3 times a week.


11. Did you find it easy to get in contact with the German students?

Yes, thanks to Facebook.


12. Which cultural attitudes or behaviour were most challenging to you, and why?

Deutsche Bank works really slow.


13. What do you wish you had known about your host country before going there? How would you prepare differently now?

If I can take some chance, I think I would make some brochure about the lives of other international students who already finished their semesters abroad.


14. How has your study abroad experience affected your perception of your host country?

This sentence will never leave my brain: “Studying in one country is the most stupidest idea in the world”.


15. Would you recommend the PFH for a semester abroad?

Of course. For an Asian’s viewpoint, the atmosphere of the class itself is very different. This will help a lot of Asian students to broaden their perspectives.


16. If you could change any aspect of the program, what would it be?

More drinking-together time must be provided! 😉


17. Further comments:

Ich vermisse Deutschland.

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